Julie Gaathaug




London . 2016

Touch. Celebrating the tactility of print and paper.

When thinking of print, and paper, tactility is subjectively the most important feature. Print adds another layer in terms of senses (at least compared to digital), and using your hands to feel texure, embossing, debossing in paper — for me, that is an incredible sensation. For this project, we were given a live brief, that asked to create a concept that celebrated print. We were to use different printing techniques to produce our final piece.  The brief was set by three companies: Paper manufacturer G.F. Smith, fine printers Baddeley Brothers, and foil company FoilCo.


My concept was based on tactility, and in play with typography. The word 'touch' invites the viewer to really engage with the piece. Without the word 'touch' embossed, this design would not make sense, it would not be readable. The fact that we can play with physical dimensions in print, is one of the reasons it is so great. The copper foil adds visual dynamic, as it changes according to how you see the piece in the light.All aspects of production is done at Ravensbourne London, and by me. I created the embossing by lasercutting, engraving, an acrylic sheet, and pressing it onto my paper with an hydraulic press. The foil is heat transfer foil, run through a laminator.