Julie Gaathaug




London . 2018

Tradition. Major project exploring modern cults, through the teachings of Norse Mythology.

For my Major Project in my Bachelor's degree I chose to create a semi-fictional religion based on my (Norway's) ancestral religion: Norse mythology. I wanted to celebrate my heritage, but still make this ancient information and strange belief system more accessible in our day and age. I therefore chose to "re-brand" it as a modern cult, with its own book, website, symbols, etc. All information, stories, gods , concepts, are taken from Norse mythology.


I wanted to generate buzz around Norse mythology, in addition to promote a critical analysis of belief systems in general. The main visual and contextual style is presented in a mysterious, gloomy and sometimes almost sarcastic way. The design is nodding both to the past and to the present, a kind of indefinite balance that builds upon the abstract nature of Norse mythology. and this project.


Visit the homepage for Tradition here.