Julie Gaathaug




London . 2018

Tunnel of Hope. Visualising the importance of the tunnel that saved thousands of lives during the siege of Sarajevo.

The brief for this project asked us to combine different datasets to create a complex infographic. The format was a newspaper spread, and we were also required to find an article to support our data visualisation.


I chose to work with an article called "The Tunnel of Hope". The Tunnel of Sarajevo tells the story of the historic tunnel that was built during the siege of Sarajevo during the Bosnian civil war in the 90s. As Serbian soldiers closed off the entire city, the tunnel made it possible to move supplies, medicine and food into the sieged area, and the people out to the safe zone. In addition to facts regarding the tunnel, my data visualisation includes a timeline of the war, and death statistics during the siege. You can clearly see a decline in deaths after the tunnel was built, which shows its importance.


In the end of the project, eight chosen articles were printed in a publication called Movement. I was lucky to be chosen, and I helped clearing the project for print, the production itself and selling it in pop-up shops to raise money for our degree show.